On 9/30-10/2, Rutgers University-Newark set out to the cold and mountainous Ogden, Utah where they would eventually face off against some of the best debaters in the nation. The 2017-18 resolution that was debated was as follows:

Resolved: The United States Federal Government should establish national health insurance in the United States.

Rutgers-Newark’s own Luis Carrera and Chaz Wyche competed at the 5th Mukai College Classic Tournament which featured eight preliminary debates and five elimination debates. Throughout their competition, Chaz and Luis were awarded the sixth and eighth place speaker awards, respectively. Aside from being amongst the top ten speakers at the tournament, they amassed an impressive preliminary record of 7-1 which earned them a bye through the double-octofinal elimination debate.Once they began competing in elimination debates, Chaz and Luis went on a tear defeating teams from Baylor University and Gonzaga State University before they advanced to the final round where they would debate against Cornell University. In the final round, Rutgers-Newark faced off against Cornell’s Gabriella Knight and David Rooney. After a very close debate, Rutgers-Newark emerged victorious as the 2017 Mukai Classic debate champions.

Congratulations to Rutgers University-Newark’s students, Chaz and Luis as well as the coaching staff of Willie Johnson, Ryan Wash, Carlos Astacio, and Christopher Kozak for once again showcasing the remarkable talent that Newark has to offer!