RU-Newark Debate Hits the Ground Running in New Season!
Published 11/03/16
On the weekend of October 28th-31st we traveled the team of Nicole Nave and Devane Murphy to the Gonzaga University Debate Tournament in Spokane, Washington. They went 3-3 in preliminary debates and made it all the way to the double-octofinal debate (top 32 teams) out of a field of almost 100. Devane was ranked the 9th best speaker at the tournament and Nicole was 17th out of a field of almost 200 students. 
On the same weekend we traveled two teams to the University of Vermont Debate Tournament. We had Christian Quiroz and Adegoke Fakorede (both students associated with the HLLC) and Chaz Wyche and Andres Monclut. Christian and Adegoke went 3-3 and did not make it to elimination debates but they are a new partnership and are still working out their strategy and execution in debate rounds. Chaz was 7th speaker overall at the tournament and the partnership made it to the semi-final debate capturing 4th place overall. Chaz and Luis defeated Cornel University's top team in the quarterfinal debates
On the weekend of November 4th-6th. The Team of Hannah Stafford and Luis Carrera traveled to the Liberty University Debate Tournament in Lynchburg, VA. They were 5-1 in preliminary debates and Hannah Stafford was 16th speaker out of almost 100 students. Hannah and Luis defeated some very competitive teams from Dartmouth, Georgia State University, Wake Forest University, and the University of Pittsburg. They made it all the way to the final round losing on a close 2-1 decision. They received 2nd place overall at the entire tournament.
It is imporant to note that at the last two tournaments that Hannah and Luis attended as a partnership that Hannah received the top speaker award at both the Weber Round Robin and the West Point Debate Tournament. For receiving the top speaker award at West Point Hannah was awarded the Brigadier General Daniel J Kaufman Traveling plaque award.